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Top 10 regions to visit in 2019 - Lonely Planet

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3 Northern Peru

Northern Peru is a collection of superlatives, home to some of the oldest cultures on the continent and some of the wildest landscapes in the world. This region is an impressive distillation of what makes South American travel spectacular. In their dash to the south, many travellers bypass the great north. But as Machu Picchu has begun to reach tourist capacity, authorities have been implementing more travel infrastructure in the north – a cable car is now running at Kuélap to make the citadel more accessible, and the number of flights from Lima to the north has been increased, making 2019 the perfect time to visit this unjustly underexplored

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Bendición Maya

In Lak'e'ex Mayaland ko'ox k'a'atik ti'i Ki'ichkelen Yum ku kananto'on ,ku jul bel,ku lak'iinto'on u tial u Xulik le k'ak'as k'ojanilaa u k'abá Covid-19 u tial u sut le kimak o'olilaa ,u tohkins bel,


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